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A little preview of what’s in store for those of you who get Converge's new “All We Love We Leave Behind” book/album pack. 48 pages of goodness, a 9”x14” print, and the album all included. As always, Jacob Bannon is on fucking point with the visuals, and i don’t even need to tell you how great the album is… you already know. If you love these dudes like i do, then this is worth every penny. They’ll be playing The Masquerade here in Atlanta on November 7th, and i can’t wait. I got the chance to meet Bannon last time i saw them a couple of years ago, so i’m hoping i randomly get the same opportunity again this time around. This thing will officially be complete when it has his(or all of their’s) signature in it.

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    A little preview of what’s in store for those of you who get Converge’s new “All We Love We Leave Behind” book/album...
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    The bottom page depicted is my current background. The art is so great.
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