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i went back to the “Skate it, or hang it?” exhibit here in Atlanta on Friday. It was my second time going. I originally went last month and participated in all of the festivities of the opening day: a mile long skate parade down peachtree street to the Museum of Design building where the 5boro NYC team put on a killer demo(ramps, rails, and all the goods) out in the middle of the street in front of the complex where the exhibit was taking place. I even got to meet motherfucking Lance Mountain! Legend status, forreal. It was definitely one of the best events i’d been to in a looong time. Unfortunately, i never brought my camera along with me that day(unlike most folks these days, i don’t like taking a bunch of pictures while i’m doing awesome shit, because i feel it’s a distraction and i’m not truly living in the moment. instead i feel like i’m living it through the camera… fuck all that). Anywho, i wanted to go back and take some pictures of this awesome exhibit, so here’s some of what i got. this isn’t even a fraction of what they had to offer there, but i just don’t feel like uploading everything, so enjoy what you get haha. Bunch of badass stuff there. I highly suggest you check it out if it ever rolls through your town.

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